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PanTheryx® is a premier health and nutrition company dedicated to the commercialization of category-leading products and solutions for the human and animal health & wellness markets globally.

The cornerstone for PanTheryx’s success is its position as the world’s largest bovine colostrum producer, with as much production capacity as all competitors combined. PanTheryx’s ColostrumOne formula, refined through a proprietary process designed to maintain high levels of bioactivity, has applications for immune health, digestive health, skin health, early-life nutrition, and sports nutrition.

PanTheryx is vertically integrated and operates through three high-performing business segments: Colostrum Business-to-Business (“B2B”), Business-to-Consumer (“B2C”), and Contract Manufacturing.

  • Colostrum B2B segment: PanTheryx partners with well-respected brands to offer product development and industry-leading refined colostrum for usage in dietary supplements, functional food and beverages, early life nutrition, and animal health (branded as La Belle Colostrum).
  • B2C consumer health & wellness: PanTheryx’s expanding portfolio is centered upon the TruBiotics daily probiotic brand, with additional contribution from Life’s First Naturals, a colostrum supplement, and DiaResQ, a food for special dietary use that provides diarrhea relief.
  • Contract Manufacturing Segment: PanTheryx provides value-added encapsulating, tableting, blending, spray-drying, packaging, and turn-key manufacturing services through its Contract Manufacturing segment.

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Our Proud Farmers

Quality colostrum, ethical collection

We partner with the best  dairy farmers, collecting excess colostrum produced only after each calf has had the opportunity to experience the benefits itself. Collecting the colostrum is part of the normal farm collection practice so our partner farms can keep running and ethical collection can continue as usual.