PanTheryx CEO, Wes Parris Speaks to Nutraceuticals World on New Sugar-Free Gummy Probiotics

PanTheryx recently introduced two sugar-free probiotic gummy products to its TruBiotics line for children and adults.

As the first gummy supplements under the product line, these probiotics feature the most clinically-researched Bacillus probiotic strain, B. subtilis DE111, with research evidencing digestive health benefits associated with its ability to increase populations of other beneficial bacteria, support normal gut barrier function, and aid digestion through enzyme production.

The supplements are naturally sweetened with fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), a prebiotic fiber, and the Kids Probiotic Gummies include vitamin C while the Adults Probiotic Gummies include vitamin D for proven immune support. Both gummies are vegan, gelatin-free, sugar-free.

“We created our new probiotic gummy supplements to fill an unmet need in the probiotics supplement aisle with a naturally sugar-free alternative to the many sugar-based and artificially-sweetened gummies currently on the market,” said Wes Parris, president and CEO, PanTheryx, distributor of TruBiotics. “Probiotic gummies are a rapidly growing market segment and TruBiotics is already a trusted supplement in the probiotic category, so we wanted to give consumers more options to support their digestive and immune health without adding more sugar to their diet. We will continue to innovate new products under the TruBiotics brand in the year to come, giving families a high-quality probiotic supplement for every member of their family.”

The supplements deliver 1.5 billion colony forming units (CFUs) in a fruit-flavored gummy naturally sweetened with FOS. B. subtilis DE111 has been studied for its ability to promote normal regularity and improve gut microbiome composition in adults, and improve immune function in children.

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