Natural Products Insider and Mike Weiser, Ph.D. Report Research on Colostrum as a Novel Sports Nutrition Functional Ingredient

“Clinical research supports the potential of colostrum as a novel sports nutrition functional ingredient, with additional benefits ranging immune to digestive health,” says Mike Weiser, Ph.D.

Given the clinical research behind colostrum, there are quite a lot of benefits it could potentially offer to the sports nutrition market, including growth and maintenance of muscle, decreased gut permeability, immune support during training, and athletic performance.

There’s an opportunity for colostrum to be formulated with protein powders, as many protein powders don’t go beyond simply providing a source of essential amino acids (EAAs). “Many of today’s protein brands don’t address possible depressed immunity or increased risk of gut permeability associated with rigorous training,” states Weiser.

Weiser also states, “Colostrum, a novel sports nutrition ingredient, can help athletes by supporting the integrity of the gut lining, increasing muscle mass, improving second-bout exercise performance, providing advanced immune support, and reducing exercise-induced muscle damage.3″

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3 Davison G. “The use of bovine colostrum in sport and exercise.” Nutrients. 2021;13(6):1789.