APS and Sunplus Kick Off Strategic Multi-Year Collaboration to Grow the Bovine Colostrum Market in China

As reported on BusinessWire.com on November 1, 2022

PanTheryx APS Debuts New Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) in Sunplus’s Natrapure CBPS Milk Powder

PHOENIX, November 1, 2022 APS, a PanTheryx digestive and immune health company, and Sunplus, a leading nutrition company in China, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership to develop new bovine colostrum products, conduct clinical research on bovine colostrum, and promote the latest bovine colostrum research achievements. Through the strategic partnership, APS will debut its new Colostrum Basic Protein and Immunoglobulin G formula in Sunplus’s Natrapure CBPS Milk Powder. Financial details were not disclosed.

The Natrapure CBPS Milk Powder is formulated using a combination of colostrum basic protein (CBP) and immunoglobulin G (IgG). Both CBP and IgG are active nutrients found in bovine colostrum. The APS24 logo indicates that the Natrapure product uses only APS high-quality 24-hour colostrum.

“As a leading supplier of bovine colostrum in the world, we are thrilled to be the exclusive supplier of bovine colostrum to Sunplus, and to work with Sunplus to promote education and product innovation of bovine colostrum in China,” said Wes Parris, president and CEO of PanTheryx. “Sunplus is a trusted brand of bovine colostrum, focusing on improving the health of children and adults in China. APS’ strength as a global nutritional ingredient manufacturer combined with Sunplus’s leadership in downstream retail create a best-in-class supply chain. We believe that through this strategic collaboration, we can provide Chinese consumers with a better understanding of bovine colostrum so they can experience the benefits of this comprehensive digestive and immune health product.”

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP)

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) is the small molecule fraction isolated from bovine colostrum through ultra-filtration. It contains key growth factors and compounds that assist in bone cell proliferation and metabolism, which contribute to bone maturation and mineralization to support skeletal growth and strength.

In 2021, the Sunplus brand Natrapure and the School of Food Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology carried out an in-depth cooperation on CBP. This program verified the significant improvement on bone formation and strengthening of bone density and length by promoting efficient calcium absorption by the body. It is especially suitable for growing children, women experiencing menopause, and older adults.

“Sunplus is dedicated to studying the essence of bovine colostrum nutrition and is looking forward to the simultaneous launch of our new Natrapure product in China and our collaboration with APS,” commented Jian Lun, CEO of Sunplus. “Through the launch of the Natrapure CBPS product, we will build on and expand bovine colostrum’s well-studied health benefits for consumers.”

APS and Sunplus, as the world’s leading bovine colostrum research and development and application enterprises, will continue to strengthen the education of bovine colostrum, so Chinese consumers can establish a newer and more comprehensive understanding of bovine colostrum.

For more information about APS PanTheryx, please visit www.pantheryx.com. To learn more about Sunplus, please visit www.biolife.net.cn.

About Sunplus

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999, Sunplus is a leading nutrition company providing high-quality infant formula products, colostrum, and nutrition products to the Chinese market. Sunplus has been in the bovine colostrum industry for nearly 30 years. Since the introduction of bovine colostrum from abroad in 1999, they have been deeply studying the original nutrition of bovine colostrum and have developed a series of colostrum nutrition products such as lactoferrin, colostrum basic protein and immunoglobulin.

About PanTheryx

PanTheryx™ is a nutrition and biotechnology company committed to the global commercialization of health and wellness solutions for the human and animal health markets. From leading cutting-edge research, to supplying best-in-class ingredients, to commercializing category-leading consumer brands, PanTheryx is dedicated to delivering revolutionary approaches for digestive, immune, and microbiome health. As the world’s largest producer of colostrum, PanTheryx provides its proprietary ColostrumOne™ and La Belle® Colostrum ingredients to its partners serving the global human and animal health markets. In addition to the products it develops with its partners, the PanTheryx portfolio of consumer brands include TruBiotics®, Goodgut®, Life’s First Naturals™, and DiaResQ®. For more information, please visit www.pantheryx.com.

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