Life’s First Naturals Enters Health Care Practitioner Market with Exclusive Life’s First Naturals PRO Cow Colostrum Supplements

As reported on on November 14, 2022

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PanTheryx, an integrative digestive and immune health company, today introduced its new Life’s First Naturals PRO bovine (cow) colostrum supplements, which are available exclusively through health care practitioner offices. Life’s First Naturals PRO is powered by ColostrumOne™, a comprehensive source of immune factors, protective proteins, growth factors, and prebiotics. ColostrumOne is formulated to help keep the body’s digestive system running smoothly while promoting intestinal microbiome health and regulating the body’s natural immune response for children and adults.

“One of the specific reasons I recommend bovine colostrum is due to its ability to help strengthen the intestinal lining, which is particularly important because nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to impact intestinal permeability,” said Michael Roizen, M.D, chief wellness officer emeritus at the Cleveland Clinic, and PanTheryx scientific advisory board member. “With PanTheryx’s health care practitioner offering, more doctors can help patients find new ways to achieve their digestive and immune health goals.”

Life’s First Naturals PRO – Adult and Kids

Life’s First Naturals PRO with ColostrumOne is made with naturally derived ingredients. It supports digestive health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and by supporting the gut’s natural repair process. Additionally, it helps regulate the body’s natural immune response and supports respiratory health.

“Natural health practitioners, like naturopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, understand that whole body health starts in the microbiome. We’ve heard time and time again that their patients want a natural way to support their digestive health,” said Pam Cebulski, general manager, consumer brands, and senior VP of marketing, PanTheryx. “We’re looking forward to meeting this demand with our high-quality Life’s First Naturals PRO cow colostrum, and giving patients a natural all-in-one digestive, microbiome, and immune health supplement.”

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About Life’s First Naturals

Colostrum is the very first food produced by nursing mothers after giving birth and contains nutrients that are essential to jumpstart gut function, the immune system, and a healthy microbiome in the first few days of life. While the importance of colostrum for a newborn’s health has long been understood, research has shown that colostrum from cows can play an important role in supporting the health of humans of all ages. Life’s First Naturals is a line of colostrum supplements for adults and children available in powder, chewable and capsule form. To learn more, visit

About PanTheryx

PanTheryx™ is a nutrition and biotechnology company committed to the global commercialization of health and wellness solutions for the human and animal health markets. From leading cutting-edge research, to supplying best-in-class ingredients, to commercializing category-leading consumer brands, PanTheryx is dedicated to delivering revolutionary approaches for digestive, immune, and microbiome health. As the world’s largest producer of colostrum, PanTheryx provides its proprietary ColostrumOne™ and La Belle® Colostrum ingredients to its partners serving the global human and animal health markets. In addition to the products it develops with its partners, the PanTheryx portfolio of consumer brands include TruBiotics®, Goodgut®, Life’s First Naturals™ and DiaResQ®. For more information, please visit