New Paper Spotlights Bovine Colostrum for Gastrointestinal Health

Nutrients’ Special Series Identifies Bovine Colostrum for Strengthening the Mucosal Barrier
As reported on Business Wire June 8th, 2021

PHOENIX, Ariz. – June 8, 2021PanTheryx, the world’s largest colostrum-based nutrition and biotechnology company, today announced the publication of a new scientific paper titled, “Colostrum therapy for human gastrointestinal health and disease” in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients. As a part of the Nutrients’ Special Issue series on colostrum, the current publication identifies bovine colostrum as a complex biological matrix comprised of growth factors, nutrients, hormones and paracrine factors, which have a range of properties that contribute to mucosal healing resulting for a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. It is through these components that colostrum helps to support the body’s natural repair and protective processes.

“We understand the primary function of the gut is digestion and absorption of nutrients from food; however, the gut is also an epicenter for billions of bacteria and viruses that can break through the mucosal barrier and wreak havoc on the body,” said Paul Kelly, M.D., FRCP, professor at Blizard Institute, Barts &The London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, and lead author. “In this review paper, we set out to explore the use of bovine colostrum as a way to support the GI system, particularly its ability to strengthen key components of the gut. We were impressed with bovine colostrum’s ability to repair the gut wall lining, reinforcing the functional boundary so bacteria and viruses are potentially blocked from entering the gut lumen.”

Just as women produce a high quality of colostrum after giving birth, cows (bovine) also produce colostrum, after their calves are born. The health benefits of bovine colostrum have been studied for decades, and for multiple areas of human health, including immunity, gut health, digestive health and sports performance.

“We are pleased to see that bovine colostrum is continually found to support digestive health, and specifically its ability to strengthen the gut wall lining as noted in this recent Nutrients publication,” commented Mike Weiser, Ph.D., director of innovation, PanTheryx. “When looking at bovine colostrum, it’s important to understand that not all cow colostrum is created equal. PanTheryx’s ColostrumOne bovine colostrum contains protective proteins, prebiotics as well as immune and growth factors that make it truly a comprehensive source of nutrition for digestive and immune health. We look forward to continued research to further highlight bovine colostrum’s role in digestive health.”

Nutrients is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes reviews, regular research papers and short communications on all aspects of nutrition. This Nutrients’ series on bovine colostrum is underwritten by PanTheryx.

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