New Bovine Colostrum Scientific Paper Published in Nutrients’ Special Issue

“Bovine colostrum: Its constituents and uses” Debuts as First in a Series of Five Papers Focused on the Numerous Health Benefits of Cow Colostrum

As reported on Business Wire January 28th, 2021

PanTheryx, the world’s largest colostrum-based nutrition and biotechnology company, today announced the publication of a new scientific paper titled, “Bovine colostrum: Its constituents and uses” in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients. This is the first in a series of five scientific papers that will showcase the research supporting the use of bovine colostrum in human nutrition through a Nutrients’ Special Issue series. The first paper in the series is authored by Dr. Raymond J. Playford, M.B., B.S. and Michael J. Weiser, Ph.D., and features an in-depth look at the composition of colostrum, setting the pace for the other articles in the series.

“There are more than 6,000 studies in pre-clinical models and humans on the use of bovine colostrum, so we wanted to take a fresh look at the extensive body of work to organize and highlight the research that can have a significant impact on the scientific community, nutrition researchers and medical professionals,” said Dr. Raymond Playford, vice president of research and development strategy, PanTheryx APS LaBelle. “In this first publication, we spotlight the bovine colostrum components that counter microbial threats and support the immune system, including immunoglobulins, immune factors and oligosaccharides/glycosylated proteins. We uncovered the advantages of bovine colostrum over single ingredient supplements as the collective research recognizes it as being a comprehensive superfood.”

In the introductory paper, the researchers describe the main constituents and quality control of bovine colostrum while sharing an overview of the use of cow colostrum in human and veterinary health and wellness.

“Through this Nutrients special series, the medical community and researchers alike, will gain a more complete understanding of how and why bovine colostrum can aid in human wellness,” commented Michael Roizen, M.D., chief wellness officer, emeritus, the Cleveland Clinic and medical advisor to PanTheryx. “It’s imperative as medical professionals who interact daily with patients – many who so desperately want to eat better and nourish their bodies better – that we explore the latest scientific research around nutrients and compounds that provide comprehensive nutrition. I look forward to reading the additional bovine colostrum papers that will be published through Nutrients and explore new ways to promote health through proactive nutrition and natural alternatives.”

In the coming months, separate articles will be authored by researchers and medical professionals in their respected fields for the Nutrients’ Special Issue series, and these authors will cover the relevance of bovine colostrum for use in:

  • gastrointestinal damage,
  • immunology,
  • pediatrics, and
  • sports medicine.

Nutrients is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing reviews, regular research papers and short communications on all aspects of nutrition. Raymond Playford and Michael Weiser are employees of PanTheryx.

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