Life’s First Naturals Expands Product Line

The colostrum-based health and wellness brand launches innovative new formulations, making it easier than ever for consumers to experience the benefits of colostrum.
As reported on Business Wire February 8th, 2021

PHOENIX, AZ. – February 8, 2021 – PanTheryx, the world’s largest colostrum-focused nutrition and biotechnology company, announced today the expansion of their Life’s First Naturals product line. The line expansion includes products developed specifically for digestive and immune health, with innovative new formulations designed to bring the health benefits of colostrum to consumers of all ages.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce the expanded Life’s First Naturals product line,” said Wes Parris, president & CEO of PanTheryx. “Our goal has always been to harness the power of colostrum to transform health and wellness. Life’s First Naturals provides a comprehensive health and wellness solution; containing protective proteins, prebiotics, and immune and growth factors in perfect combination as natured intended. Developed with our proprietary ingredient, ColostrumOne, these new formulations are designed to further the health benefits of colostrum and empower consumers to elevate their health.”

Colostrum is the very first food produced by nursing mothers after giving birth and contains nutrients that are essential to jumpstart gut function, the immune system, and a healthy microbiome in the first few days of life. While the importance of colostrum for a newborn’s health has long been understood, research has shown that colostrum from cows can play an important role in supporting the health of humans of all ages.

“The idea that colostrum is readily available to more than just a newborn baby really amazes me.” said Dr. Lauren Crosby, a nationally recognized parenting expert, board certified pediatrician, and medical advisor to PanTheryx . “To a pediatrician like myself, colostrum is liquid gold. It really is a superfood. It provides essential nutrients for growth, as well as strengthens the immune and digestive systems, and overall health. It’s wonderful that it is now possible to receive those benefits throughout life, and I am proud to recommend Life’s First Naturals to my patients, both parents and children above 1 year of age.”

Life’s First Naturals’ new products include formulations for immune, digestive, and overall health and offer formats for both adults and children, all formulated with PanTheryx’s premier colostrum ingredient, ColostrumOne. The full product list, all of which are available on Amazon and the company website, includes:

  • Life’s First Naturals Immune Health colostrum powder for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals Immune Health colostrum capsules for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals Digestive Health colostrum powder for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals Digestive Health colostrum capsules for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals colostrum powder for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals colostrum capsules for adults
  • Life’s First Naturals flavored colostrum powder for kids
  • Life’s First Naturals mixed berry colostrum chewables for kids

About Life’s First Naturals:

Life’s First Naturals was created to help people nurture themselves and those they care about the way nature intended. Life’s First Naturals makes products with colostrum, the first food created by all nursing mothers, to help provide natural immune support, digestive support, and supplement children’s natural health. To learn more, visit

About PanTheryx:

PanTheryx™  is a nutrition and biotechnology company committed to the broad commercialization of bovine colostrum-based health and wellness solutions for the global human and animal health markets. As the world’s largest producer of bovine colostrum, PanTheryx utilizes the cellular and biomolecular processes of bovine colostrum to develop and produce a wide range of therapeutics, spanning the range of nutritional interventions to biologics. PanTheryx’ s proprietary colostrum, ColostrumOne™ is nature’s superfood; designed to be comprehensive as nature intended with the important nutritional components for health and vitality throughout all stages of life. Founded in 2007, PanTheryx is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Production facilities are located in Phoenix, AZ and Ripon, CA. To learn more, please visit