TruBiotics Sugar-Free Gummies are Featured on CBS Las Vegas’ Healthy Holiday Round-up

Registered Dietitian, Mia Syn, joins CBS Las Vegas TV to share her top picks for healthy holiday recipes and supplements.

Health and nutrition remain hot topics this holiday season. On CBS Las Vegas’s ( latest segment, Mia Syn, MS, RDN has selected TruBiotics’ sugar-free probiotic gummies as a top pick for staying healthy this season, as they are a great source for pre- and probiotics, which aid in supporting a healthy gut and immune system. As Mia shares, “TruBiotics sugar-free gummies feature the most clinically researched bacillus probiotic spores designed to withstand their journey through the body to land where they’re needed in the gastrointestinal tract so they can help support healthy microbiome diversity.”

TruBiotics probiotics can be purchased at,, and retailers nationwide.

The segment also includes healthy plant-based recipes, a nutrition spray, and a food composter. To view the full segment, visit