Product Development

Driving the science and research behind colostrum innovation

At PanTheryx, we harness the natural benefits of colostrum and, along with our partners, use them to develop transformative solutions for human and animal health. By establishing productive partnerships with the field’s preeminent experts and investing in research and development, we enable true innovation. We are committed to realizing the potential of colostrum through science and new product development to bring health and wellness to the world.

Our Ingredients

We supply efficacious colostrum products of the highest quality for the global human and animal health markets. Our colostrum has been used to develop nutritional products for numerous aspects of both human and animal health, including early life nutrition, digestive and immune health, and sports nutrition.

Our Consumer Brands

In addition to providing the highest quality colostrum products to our partners, we also develop and commercialize our own brands, with products spanning the range from dietary supplements to medical foods to biologics. By creating our own colostrum supplements using our proprietary ingredient, ColostrumOne, we have harnessed the natural benefits of colostrum and use them to develop innovative nutritional therapies for human health and wellness.

Our Medical Foods Pipeline

Using our medical nutrition platform, we are researching and developing safe, colostrum based medical foods to address serious GI-related health conditions. Our R&D activities are focused on utilizing the key bioactive components of colostrum including macronutrients, micronutrients, and naturally occurring immune factors that work with the body to address a range of GI health conditions.

Our Biologics Pipeline

Our proprietary biologics platform enables us to develop novel therapeutics to address challenging disease states with significant unmet need. Our R&D activities are focused on modifying, augmenting and harnessing the synergistic effects of colostrum’s multiple bioactives, to address the underlying etiology of some of the most challenging diseases of the gut.