PanTheryx Unveils New Bovine Colostrum Product, ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength, at SupplySide West 2021

ColostrumOne Extra Strength Demonstrates Increased Bioactivity for Immune and Digestive Health in a Recent Study

As reported on Business Wire October 26th, 2021

PHOENIX, Ariz. – October 26, 2021 — PanTheryx, an integrative digestive and immune health company, today unveiled its new patent-pending bovine (cow) colostrum formulation of ColostrumOne™ at the annual Supply Side West conference and expo in Las Vegas. The new proprietary product is scientifically shown to increase protection of Immunoglobulin G (IgG), immune and growth factors as they enter the digestive tract.

In a study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, the new matrix-protected colostrum delivers 160% more immune bioactives than other colostrum products, resulting in twice the immune protection, and three times stronger protection against GI inflammation in an in vivo model. The study demonstrated ColostrumOne Extra Strength’s ability to protect against intestinal damage and inflammation.

“Colostrum faces tough conditions in the stomach and small intestines as it works to support and protect the body’s digestive and immune systems,” said Mike Weiser, Ph.D., senior director of R&D and Innovation at PanTheryx, and study co-author. “We developed our new ColostrumOne Extra Strength with a unique matrix technology to protect the bioactive components of colostrum and to enhance bioavailability. Through an in vivo model focused on intestinal damage, ColostrumOne Extra Strength actively helped to create a healthier intestinal structure, especially during a time of heightened inflammation.”

The Science
In the study published in PLOS ONE titled, “Methods to improve efficacy of orally administered bioactive peptides using bovine colostrum as an exemplar,” the researchers examined whether different processing strategies could protect colostrum’s bioactive components from degradation during digestion and enhance its biological efficacy. The researchers found that specific processing strategies do protect the bioactives from acid and digestive enzymes, helping to prevent severe intestinal damage and inflammation in an in vivo model of colitis.

ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength
PanTheryx’s new ColostrumOne Extra Strength is available in bulk powder format, or as a finished consumer good in capsules, tablets and sachets.

“We are extremely proud of our latest innovation to deliver an extra strength offering to our existing ColostrumOne formulation for manufacturers that need a more bioavailable application for their digestive and immune health products,” commented David Blackwood, senior vice president of global sales, PanTheryx. “We are excited to give manufacturers more options to integrate colostrum into their products – whether they need ColostrumOne for everyday digestive health and immune support, or ColostrumOne Extra Strength to create products when there is a need for greater efficacy. We have the product development and manufacturing capabilities to help support their specific needs.”

Attendees at this year’s SupplySide West event can visit the PanTheryx APS La Belle booth #3226 to learn more about ColostrumOne Extra Strength and the company’s line of colostrum product offerings.

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