NutraIngredients-USA Reports Women’s Supplements Trending Toward Reproductive, Digestive & Bone Health

In recent years, women have become a key focus of vitamins and supplement manufacturers. This should come as no surprise, as women go through a myriad of bodily changes internally and externally as they move through different life stages, and there are plenty of situations where women can use additional vitamins and nutrients. Among the fastest growing categories for women’s health are supplements supporting reproductive, digestive, and bone health. Digestive health supplements grew by 26.6 %, while bone health was up 9.6% over the previous year. Another key category where new supplements have emerged is perimenopause and menopause, as these stages of life are becoming more talked about and less taboo.

While probiotics remain a key ingredient for aiding digestive health, these good bacteria have also been proven to support the body’s many microbiomes. This is what makes probiotics a great base ingredient to add additional vitamins and nutrients for women’s unique health needs, which is where TruBiotics’ new Women’s product line focuses.

“TruBiotics sees women as an important segment to focus on, looking at women through their life stages and formulating products for that life stage,” Pam Cebulski, general manager of consumer brands for PanTheryx told us recently at the Natural Products Expo West trade show. “The novel formulas were designed to be multi-benefit health solutions to maintaining vaginal and gut health microbiomes, while supporting other health concerns important to women, such as bone, hair/skin and nails, and immune health.”

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