Natural Products Insider Highlights Mike Weiser, Ph.D’s Insight to The Broadening Mandate in Multifunctional Immune Products

As reported on on March 31, 2022

While immunity concerns aren’t going anywhere, consumers have a growing desire for whole-body health solutions because they are starting to understand that immunity is not an isolated system, but that it’s tied to overall wellness. This has led suppliers and manufacturers to focus on providing efficacious, multifunctional immune products.

Mike Weiser, Ph.D., senior director of R&D/innovation for PanTheryx, said consumers are now looking for immune products with a wide mandate. “They are looking for ingredients that are natural, taste good, convenient and, most importantly, have clinical science to back them up from an efficacy point of view,” he stated. “Brands that have done well lean on functional ingredient combinations that check all these boxes.” Gone, he added, are the days of relying on single immunity ingredients, like vitamin C or zinc.

Probiotics and colostrum would be one such example of multi-beneficial supplementation, aiding in digestive and immune health, while benefitting the whole microbiome.

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