Motherly Features Life’s First Naturals’ Cow Colostrum as Solution to Help Keep Kids from Getting Sick

PanTheryx consumer brand, Life’s First Naturals, is proud to be a part of Motherly’s article on a new way to support children’s immune systems, and specifically upper respiratory tract infections – cow colostrum supplements.

“We are in the prime time—cold and flu season—when an increased number of families bring their children in to my office for sick visits because of upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). URTIs can cause complications such as sinus infections, ear infections and pneumonia,” says Lauren Crosby, MD, FAAP, pediatrician and scientific advisor for PanTheryx. “We already know the tremendous health benefits of human colostrum for creating a foundation for an infant’s digestive and immune systems. As I’m sharing more about natural ways to support children’s immune and digestive health with parents and the public in general, cow colostrum is a newer option that has the science to support its safety and use.”

Read the full article to learn more about the science supporting cow colostrum for immune health in children: