Mike Weiser, PhD, of PanTheryx Reveals Paths of Innovation to Jennifer Grebow at Nutritional Outlook

PanTheryx Trailblazes Innovation Path as it Launches ColostrumOne Extra Strength, as well as a Future Probiotic and Colostrum Combination Product

Director of Innovation at PanTheryx, Mike Weiser, PhD, revealed exciting new launches for PanTheryx as he spoke with Jennifer Grebow of Nutritional Outlook at SupplySide West 2021. In the article on NutritionalOutlook.com, Dr. Mike Weiser touches on PanTheryx’s new bovine colostrum delivery formats, the acquisition of probioitics brand, TruBiotics, its newest launch of ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength, plus a combination product with colostrum and probiotics.

ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength yields enhanced bioavailability:

Speaking to PanTheryx’s high-potency bovine colostrum ingredient called ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength, Dr. Weiser explains, “We’ve taken colostrum and enhanced its bioactivity, its bioavailability. Colostrum has a lot of great bioactive proteins like immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, and what we’ve done is we have proprietary, patent-pending technology that we’ve applied to colostrum to protect it from the digestive process.”

He further explains: “So, when you consume the product, our functional proteins, it needs acid and enzymes in the stomach, and what we found is that in this new formulation, we were able to protect immunoglobulins, for example. So, two-fold more immunoglobulins made it through the digestive process, and what we saw was an ability of this ColostrumOne™ Extra Strength to have a two-fold-higher immune activation response. We looked at the binding to pathogenic bacteria, and after the digestive process, it had a two-fold-higher ability to protect against the pathogenic bacteria that were introduced.”

Probiotics + Colostrum together in a harmonious relationship:

Dr. Weiser also discusses the opportunities for a powerful synbiotic combination of probiotics with colostrum, stating “Colostrum can work really well with probiotics” to support the microbiome, he said. “They can work really well together. Things like the immunoglobulins [in colostrum] help set up the intestinal environment properly so probiotics can colonize.”

He added: “There’s also oligosaccharides [in colostrum] that are a lot like human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), but they’re actually cow milk oligosaccharides—so very similar in structure to human milk oligosaccharides—and those feed the probiotics and the beneficial bacteria in the body.”

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