Mia Syn, RDN Selects Colostrum as Top Wellness Essential on ABC4 News

This Colostrum Supplement Promotes a Healthy Digestive & Immune System for both Adults and Children

As reported on ABC4 News, Charleston, SC on November 5, 2021

Many are looking for ways to increase not only immune health, but also their gut microbiome, as the two work in conjunction with one another. In a recent segment on ABCNews4.com, Mia Syn, RDN names bovine colostrum as an essential daily supplement to support a healthy digestive and immune system for children over 1 up to adult age. Mia shares that there are over 6,000 published studies on bovine colostrum and its benefit for human nutrition. Also called “Nature’s Original Superfood,” she suggests Life’s First Naturals colostrum, which contains growth factors, immune factors, protective proteins, and prebiotics.

Watch the full segment along with more healthy wellness essentials here: ABCNews4.com