Life’s First Naturals® Expands Health Care Practitioner Supplement Line

As reported on on April 4, 2023

PHOENIX (BUSINESSWIRE) – Today, PanTheryx, an integrative digestive and immune health company, launched its second health care practitioner product line–Life’s First Naturals PRO ColostrumOne® Extra Strength–further supporting the professional market. The supplement uses high-quality bovine colostrum with proprietary technology, in ColostrumOne Extra Strength, which shows nearly twice the availability of immune bioactives than the original formula. The new formulation is available for adults and children.

“The launch of Life’s First Naturals PRO ColostrumOne Extra Strength further demonstrates our commitment to creating products specifically designed for health care practitioners,” said Pam Cebulski, general manager, consumer brands, PanTheryx. “We are excited to support their patients’ health and wellness, the way nature intended, with our unique products that help promote microbiome health while supporting the immune system.”

Life’s First Naturals PRO with ColostrumOne Extra Strength is a comprehensive source of immune and growth factors, protective proteins, such as lactoferrin and proline-rich polypeptides, and prebiotics which assist the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and support the gut’s natural repair process and immune health. PanTheryx developed this proprietary technology to protect the bioactive components of colostrum in the digestive system. ColostrumOne Extra Strength uses this technology and has scientifically demonstrated increased levels of IgG, and immune and growth factors as they enter the digestive tract, showing protection of the bioactives from the harsh environment in the gut.

The Adult formula features 5,000mg (5g) of ColostrumOne Extra Strength bovine colostrum, with the highest concentration of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels available from the brand. It is unflavored and can be mixed with cold water or easily added to any smoothie or other cold beverage. ColostrumOne Extra Strength bovine colostrum is exclusively sourced from high-quality US grade A diaries and during the first 24-hour milking post-calving.

The Kids formula has 2,000mg (2g) of bovine colostrum and Sunfiber® for added fiber to help keep children’s digestive systems moving and their immune health in check. It has a delicious vanilla flavor, sweetened with natural monk fruit, with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or gluten. It can be taken alone or mixed with other cold beverages.

“I’ve recommended bovine colostrum for decades due to its numerous health benefits when trying to help patients find natural solutions to achieve optimal health,” says Dr. Keri Marshall, Naturopathic Doctor and Epidemiologist, and a medical advisor to PanTheryx.

“I like Life’s First Naturals PRO ColostrumOne Extra Strength’s proprietary blend of ingredients because it delivers more immune bioactives per serving, making it an effective choice for those looking to support their digestive system and immune health,” Marshall continues. “Finding ways to improve availability of bioactives in the gut by protecting these components from degradation during digestion is key to a product being effective and is an important benefit of ColostrumOne Extra Strength. As the global leader in colostrum production, I am pleased to see PanTheryx bring new innovative delivery approaches to healthcare professionals.”

The ColostrumOne Extra Strength Difference
According to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, ColostrumOne Extra Strength’s matrix technology delivered 160 percent more immune bioactives than other tested colostrum products, resulting in increased immune and GI protective support in an in vivo model of intestinal damage and inflammation.

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About Life’s First Naturals
Colostrum is the very first food produced by nursing mothers after giving birth and contains nutrients that are essential to jump-start gut function, the immune system, and a healthy microbiome in the first few days of life. While the importance of colostrum for a newborn’s health has long been understood, research has shown that colostrum from cows can play an important role in supporting the health of humans of all ages. Life’s First Naturals is a line of colostrum supplements for adults and children available in powder, chewable and capsule form. To learn more, visit

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