Could Colostrum and Probiotics Be The Next New Immune Supplement Combo?

Mike Weiser, PhD shares new research on how colostrum and probiotics make an ideal duo in immune support foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

As reported on Nutritional Outlook January 19, 2022

Recent studies have shown that colostrum and probiotics could work in harmony to enhance each others’ inherent benefits on the body. In the recent article, Dr. Weiser explains this synergy for intestinal immunity, stating, “Cow colostrum and probiotics have a unique synergy, with the science to back it up. First, immunoglobulins (IgG) from cow colostrum can regulate the intestinal environment to facilitate better probiotic colonization. For instance, bovine IgG can modulate the intestinal epithelial cells, leading to an increase in the adhesion of beneficial bacteria, like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, to the epithelial cells in the gut, while not supporting harmful bacterial adhesion.

Second, other research suggests that live probiotic cultures and bovine colostrum can live side by side. While there are antimicrobial factors in bovine colostrum, the addition of colostrum to yogurts (postproduction) does not kill the live cultures.”

Dr. Weiser goes on to discuss the opportunities for formulating probiotics and colostrum in different formats, bearing in mind the quality of colostrum and the importance of maintaining its integrity in the formulation process.

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