Animal Health

Colostrum to supplement and improve animal health

Supplemental colostrum has long been used to improve the health and nutrition of dairy and beef calves around the world. More recently, continued research into bovine colostrum has shown benefits for other livestock and for use in supporting the nutrition in companion animals and pets.

Effective in livestock and domestic pets

In some cases, newborn calves don’t receive enough colostrum from their mothers to provide the foundational nutrition and immune support they need to survive. Supplementing their early diet with additional colostrum is a clear solution, and research also supports using bovine colostrum to improve the health of other mammals. This can include foals, lambs, piglets, and other livestock, as well as using colostrum as an additional nutritional supplement for companion animals in pet food.

La Belle Colostrum Products

La Belle Colostrum has been a staple in dairy farms since 1984 as a way to supplement colostrum for newborn calves. Since then, we have developed products optimized for a wide variety of animals, including everything from companion pets to livestock to deer and llamas.

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